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ICQ Quick Links

If your looking for help with ICQ, this may be the place to look.  I've set this page up to link with ICQ's help pages.  Click the link that your question refers to and "Woooooosh!"   see if you can find your answer.  If not, leave me a note, and I'll see if I can add some insight to the problem you may be having.

First a few odds and ends........

Forgot your password    click and input your ICQ number.  Your password will be sent to you at the email  address you registered with.
Using a MAC    I know very little about how ICQ works on an APPLE system, but you will get some good information from this link.
Rumors, chain letters, etc..    There are a lot of "spontaneous" message that people receive.  Everything from money makers to ICQ charging for their service.  Check out some of the latest "gossip" from this link.
Firewalls    Again, this is a bit of a specialty that I know very little about.  However you may be able to get some info from this link.

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The "How Too's"
Note that these are links for PC users.  Mac directions are somewhat different.

How do I Install ICQ?  
How to Register, and why do I have to?: By registering, you provide only a little information.  For your friends and Family to find you on the ICQ network, you'll need to provide as little as a "nickname" and your email address. It will make it difficult, if not impossible to find you on the ICQ network with out this information.
How do I connect to ICQ?:  Pretty basic stuff here, but something that might help if your having trouble.
How do I Delete an ICQ number?  You would use this function, say if you had more than one account number and wanted to get rid of one.  You can delete the number from your computer, and the instructions also explain how to get that specific number off the network, or erased from the ICQ Database.
How do I set my User Preferences?:  Basic information for setting up, and getting started.
Alert and Accept Mode settings: Once you have people on your contact list, you'll need to know how to adjust the settings.  Covers matters on how to set your "availability", to how you are alerted when someone on your contact list comes online.
Security Major issues!  Check this link on how to set your ICQ up the way you want it and feel safe.

These are just a few of the questions I've received over the past year.  The links provide some help on getting yourself started.  Again, if you find that you need more information on a subject, feel free to contact me.  If I don't know the answer, I'll do what I can to help you find the answer.

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