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I've just added two "Active Lists" to ICQ.  Just another way to get a hold of me.  The Active Lists were released in the last to versions of ICQ 99b..  so if you want to try them out, make sure you have the latest version.  ICQ99b version 3.19 build#2569

Once you have access to Active lists, there will be a third button at the top of your ICQ window with a "AL" in it.  click that and another section opens on the ICQ window. This area allows you to switch back and forth between your Active lists and ICQ contact list.  Press the Active List button and you should see a button that says "add Active List"   If you know the number of an active list, you can search like that, or you can search by catagory.  I'd love to have you join one or maybe both of my lists.  I run one for a question and answer to ICQ problems, and one for general chat.  These are two new lists so it's pretty quiet in there.  Come help me liven it up a bit by joining these lists and invite your friends to join too.  

In the Active list Search box, check the button for entering the number of a list and input one of the following:

ICQ Q and A    48449464

The Stomping Grounds    48456343          the click the search button. 

Once you find my Lists, click add list and follow the prompts.  If you need any other help, send me a note from my ICQ message center below.  


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Whether you use ICQ or not, you can always get a hold of me by sending a message using my web page communicator.  Drop me a few lines, and a message will be waiting for me when I log on to ICQ.


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