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Magazine Description George is not just politics as usual. This irreverent monthly guide to the people and the process of politics spotlights the personalities who shape public issues, from elected officials to media moguls to Hollywood stars. Co-founded by John Kennedy, Jr., George brings politics to life with insightful reporting and cutting-edge commentary, covering points where politics and popular culture converge.



Inside Nascar
Inside Nascar

Magazine Description Inside NASCAR is a magazine filled with all the excitement of the sport you love — NASCAR. This colorful magazine is the most widely circulated publication covering the sport and personalities of NASCAR, the most-watched sport on TV. Each monthly issue features interviews with the most successful drivers, revealing who they are and why they win. News and schedules make this magazine an essential for your family room.


Golf Digest
Golf Digest

Magazine Description Lower your scores with the world's most widely read golf publication. Only Golf Digest brings you exclusive instruction and interviews from world-class players like Price, Els, Watson, Alcott and Woods. Plus, you'll find the latest golfing equipment, tips for improving your technique, and news from the golf world.


 e-Business Advisor
e-Business Advisor

Magazine Description E-business and electronic commerce are essential to business success in the 21st Century, and e-Business Advisor magazine is the technical guide to making it happen. Written for business, marketing and technical managers, each monthly issue reveals and explains the breakthrough strategies, technologies, and competitive practices necessary to implement e-business solutions.


Hockey Digest
Hockey Digest

Magazine Description Hockey Digest is written for fans professional hockey fans. Coverage includes player profiles, action photos, humor, crossword puzzles and quiz statistics, player data, rosters, and schedules of all NHL teams. News coverage is also given to minor league hockey teams.

PC World
PC World

Magazine Description PC World is the number one PC publication for PC buyers and users. Every issue is packed with award-winning articles, monthly PC product rankings, news, reviews, multimedia and Internet coverage, how-tos, tips, and more. It's a vital resource for anyone using a PC at work or at home.


 Gamer's Republic
Gamer's Republic

Magazine Description Gamer's Republic is dedicated to providing useful, entertaining, and insightful articles on the culture of gaming. Each monthly issue is filled with previews, reviews, and features that highlight the best games, movies, and Anime from Japan and America. Intelligent, off-center news pieces and information about the industry's many faces round out the editorial mix in a hip, graphically creative design. In the words of Gamer's Republic, "the games have changed and so have we."



Magazine Description Parenting helps educated, modern parents who must deal simultaneously with the demands of child rearing, personal growth, and family life.


 Family Circle
Family Circle

Magazine Description Published 17 times a year, Family Circle serves women with the information they need to make personal and home improvements and maintain healthy family relations. Regular editorial features cover personal finance, physical fitness, interpersonal relationships, fashion, and beauty. Highlights include recipes and home improvement schematics.




  ESPN Magazine

ESPN targets young, active men whose lifestyles include watching sports, attending games, and participating in all kinds of athletics. The editorial focus plays off the news and includes what will happen in sports and which match-ups and young players to watch. In addition, the magazine emphasizes the humor and fun of both mainstream and off-beat sports.


  Automotive magazines