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I've developed this web site, mainly as a personal way of teaching myself Website design, and some basic HTML.  In doing so, I'm linked with Affiliate programs.  These programs allow you to link your site to Products by some big name companies, and pay you a small residual for "click troughs" or referrals for different products.  I don't look to get rich on any of these click troughs, but figure, "hey, what the heck".  Maybe I'll have something on here that someone is interested in.  If not, that's cool too.   So take a look if you like, and see if there is anything on here that might interest you, or some of your friends. 

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Check this out!  Restaurants that DELIVER to you! 

This is one of the greatest order out on the net that I've found.  Ok, so now you know that I'm lazy!, but this is really cool!  I would never have believed that some of the Restaurants listed in my area were part of HOW IT WORKS
You simply log on to the website. Once there, you can choose from a list of local restaurants in your city or neighborhood. You can browse menus, view the specials of the day, order what you want and have it delivered when you want it-whether it's now, hours from now, or weeks from now, has it covered. Also, will tell you when the restaurant is open, what type of payment is accepted and exactly how to get there. A lot easier than blindly calling around and much more convenient than digging through a drawer of old take out menus. (Visit our HELP area for more details)


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 HA_LS0699_A2 the greatest site for licensed sportswear on the web! We've got a huge selection of fan stuff for every shape, size, sport and passion.


     Dell Home/Home Office Store    Great computers at low prices.


 LandscapeUSA Welcome to LandscapeUSA!
The leading destination web site for landscaping, irrigation, and gardening information and supplies. Combining e-commerce and content, provides something for every gardener, from serious do-it-yourself landscapers, to the novice. Features include tutorials, technical help and weekly tips, a broad online garden store with professional-grade and high-quality products, community, and personalized shopping. We hope to provide inspiration for you to better enjoy your outdoor living area we call our landscape and garden.   Great flowers and arrangements for at low prices.


Paul Fredrick Currently, you'll find over 40,000 Paul Fredrick fashion items on-line including dress and casual shirts, 100% Italian silk neck wear,cufflinks, sweaters, boxer shorts, and a vast assortment of other fine men's furnishings.  
                            SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!
You MUST be satisfied! We back all of our products with a 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee! You can simply return any item for a full refund, exchange or credit. Additionally, you can purchase from without any security worries. All personal information is protected by our SSL secure
server technology.


 CBS SportsLine Shopping Network Event Shops:  Get the latest souvenirs from upcoming and ongoing sporting events.  Fan Products:  Hats, jerseys and more from your favorite sports teams from the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and more. Equipment Stores:  Find the equipment your looking for here. And more: CBS Sportsline Shopping Network is linked to other stores that might interest you, and has links for the International fans of Cricket, Soccer, Rugby and Formula 1 racing.


   Hickory Farms With the Holidays coming, don't delay.  Place your orders now for early delivery.




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